As a member of law enforcement, you face complicated situations every day. You’re trained to be aware of your environment and surroundings. But, have you ever thought about ways to enhance your attention to detail? What about studying art? What connection does art have with law enforcement?”  Let me explain.

Our brains naturally respond when we look at a painting. We feel refreshed, changed, and mentally more awake.  A study in the journal Brain and Cognition found that pictures trigger a response in brain regions associated with visual understanding and object recognition. It also connected with activity linked to emotions, inner thoughts, and learning.

Here are three secrets on how art will improve your job performance:

Restore your focus. Art can enhance your concentration in the same way that the outdoors can.

Opens up you up for learning. Not only will you feel ready to learn, but art opens you up to experience and creative achievement.

Relieve Mental Fatigue. Viewing the art allows your mind to focus on the details, awakening your brain.

Maria Popova, the founder of Brain Pickings, describes this as “the power to transcend our self-interest and relate to the world and each other with more integrity, curiosity, and wholeheartedness.”

This can be achieved without even visiting a museum.  Consider books, online websites, etc. But do consider expanding your horizons for new ideas for self-improvement.

California Casualty

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