How do you start your day?

It seems most of us (myself included) love to get the morning (or evening if you work shifts) started with a good cup of coffee or tea. As you go through your day, have you noticed just how many mugs have a slogan or saying on them. It seems that what’s on our cup often gives a glimpse of who we are and what we think.

After doing a little research, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best sayings we’ve found on firefighter’s mugs:

  1. I do battle with the Angel of Death forty hours a week. And what do you do for a living?
  2. All men are created equal then some become firefighters.
  3. You Might Know Where You Are, God Might Know Where You Are, But If DISPATCH Doesn’t Know Where You Are Then You and God Better Be On Good Terms.
  4. Do NOT Make Me Use My Paramedic Voice!
  5. Volunteer Firefighters Do It For Free.
  6. Firefighters: The Hotter It Is The Quicker We Come.
  7. Firefighters do it with a big hose.
  8. I still play with trucks.
  9. EMS: Hours of boredom occasionally interrupted by minutes of sheer terror.
  10. I Hate Being Sexy But I’m A Firefighter So I Can’t Help It.
  11. Hug A Firefighter And Feel Warm All Over.
  12. Firefighters can take the heat.
  13. Firefighter By Day, Zombie Slayer By Night.
  14. I’m The Firefighter Your Mother Warned You About.
  15. FIREFIGHTER: Being Awesome Is Just Part Of the Official Job Description.
  16. Beak the Speed Limit, Carry an Ax in Public, Run Red Lights; Oh Yeah, Make Sure You’re a Firefighter


What does your favorite mug have on it? We’d love to see; feel free to share it with us.

And just like a comforting cup of hot coffee, California Casualty is a perfect complement to your day. We’ve been protecting American heroes for over 40 years providing auto and home insurance matched to your professional lifestyle. That means these exclusive benefits not available to the general public:

  • Waived or reduced deductibles for vandalism or damage to your vehicle parked at work
  • $500 coverage for personal items damaged in or taken from your vehicle (including turnout gear)
  • Rates guaranteed for a full year (not six months)
  • Free identity theft protection with each policy
  • Fallen Hero survivor benefit
  • Multiple payment options including EZ Pay and holiday or summer skips
  • Superior customer service satisfaction rating – 99 percent with claims satisfaction of 96 percent

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