I admit it; I am a dog-person.

Our dog gives us such great joy. She’s loving, goofy and brings smiles and laughs to our entire family. We enjoy long runs and hikes, and play ball for hours.

I understand that not everyone is a dog or cat lover; they shed, are often needy, and keeping them healthy and well fed can be costly. Then there’s the hassle of finding them a place if you have travel plans.

But those of us with a pet-friend know how much they enrich our lives. Now, many experts say there is proof that life with a pet may actually provide multiple health benefits. Here are five healthy reasons why you might want to get a pet this New Year:

  1. Reduced allergies – more and more studies suggest that infants and children that grow up in a house with furred animals have a reduced risk of allergies and asthma later in life
  2. Lower blood pressure – numerous studies find merely being around a pet can lower your blood pressure, with the greatest drop coming when you pet them
  3. Better heart health – dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease and those suffering from heart disease had better recoveries and survived longer if they had a pet
  4. Increased companionship – pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression, Alzheimer patients were calmer when pets were present and many elderly people reported a better quality of life because of their pets
  5. Decreased weight – those of us with pets tend to go to dog parks, take regular walks, hikes or runs with their dog, and were less likely to be overweight

There are other ways pets are adding to the well-being of their owners: therapy and companion dogs can warn people about food ingredients they might be allergic to, others are being trained to detect cancers, and some can warn diabetes patients when they are suffering from low blood sugar.

While we can show our pets how much we appreciate them with treats and special toys, now you can return the favor of good health to that beloved companion with pet insurance. With a policy from our partner at Pets Best, you’ll be reimbursed for many common procedures and illnesses such as X-rays, lab tests, exams, surgeries, cancer and more – all at a five percent discount. Call a California Casualty advisor today for all the details to protect your pet-friends at 1.877.652.2638 or visit www.calcas.com/pet-insurance.

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