1. You know what DTaP, APA, BBP, CVA, FMPS and MI stand for.
  2. You learned that Stable is not one of the four conditions of a patient which are: Critical, Serious, Fair and Good.
  3. Discussions of mucus were one of the daily dinner table conversations.
  4. You learned to dread full moon nights and what kind of mood your nurse-parent would be in the next day.
  5. Scrubs were considered every-day attire.
  6. You laugh at needles, catheters and don’t freak out anytime anyone slips on latex gloves.
  7. You constantly heard, “from one to ten, what’s your pain level?”
  8. You were regularly awakened from a dead sleep because your breathing patterns were a little too close to Cheyne-Stokes rhythm or sounded like severe apnea.
  9. You were taught to carry four extra pens and to keep track of every one of them.
  10. You got used to daily “bathroom visits” to check your BM.
  11. There was nothing you could do that would gross out your nurse mom or dad.
  12. The last place you were allowed to go when you were sick was to see a doctor.
California Casualty

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