Why should I worry, there’s never been a disaster or emergency in my area before? If that’s your reaction to emergency preparation, you’re setting your family up for disaster. Here are nine other signs you probably aren’t ready for the unexpected:

  1. You have no property insurance or the “bare minimum” because your house is paid off.
  2. You couldn’t be bothered signing up for those annoying cell phone emergency alerts.
  3. What’s a weather alert radio?
  4. You only know one way in and out of your neighborhood.
  5. When someone mentions geographic land features, you think they are talking about the mound left in the front yard where the tree was removed last year.
  6. When you hear there is a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch, you actually go out to watch for them.
  7. You think a bottle of water and a fanny pack are all you need if you are evacuated.
  8. Having a home inventory means knowing how much toilet paper and milk you have.
  9. Heck, we’ve been waiting for that big storm so we can get a new roof (we already have five leaks, what’s one more).

Seriously, disaster preparation is not a laughing matter; just ask anyone who survived the fury of Hurricane Sandy, the horrors after Hurricane Katrina, or dug through the ashes of their homes in the recent disastrous West Coast fires. September is National Preparedness Month when emergency experts are asking everyone to know their risks, develop a plan, prepare an emergency supply kit and make a home inventory. In the next few days and weeks we’ll share details on things you need to do before a disaster strikes. In the meantime, visit www.ready.gov for more information on preparing for an emergency, before it’s too late.

California Casualty

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