I think we can all admit that one time or another we’ve been in a hurry and exceeded the speed limit. Sure, it’s not safe, it depletes your gas mileage and you could get a stopped by an officer. And, when it happens your heart is pounding and you are nervous, but apparently you can get out of being cited with a good story. While we don’t condone going over the speed limit, here are some of the best stories to avoid a ticket we’ve heard:

  • A father said he was late picking up his daughter from school and didn’t want her waiting there alone
  • A wife explained she was mad at her husband and was practicing what she would say when she got home; the more she thought about it, the madder she got and the faster she drove – the patrolman let her go with a warning (glad he wasn’t the husband)
  • A grandmother who explained she was rushing home before the ice cream she had just bought at the store melted
  • A driver who explained he was speeding up to read the license plate of the vehicle in front of his because the driver had thrown a beer bottle out the window
  • A woman who claimed she spilled her M&Ms and didn’t realize how fast she was going as she tried picking them up – the officer let her go after she offered him one
  • A woman who told an officer she was trying to keep up with traffic; he noted there was no traffic she replied that’s how far behind she was (creativity does work sometimes)
  • Doctors, nurses and hospital workers who claim they are on the way to an emergency

Now keep in mind, no matter how creative you are, getting a moving violation can endanger you and others, and may affect your auto insurance rates. The best course of action is to follow the rules of the road and capitalize on your good driving record.

There’s really no good excuse for not having adequate insurance. A California Casualty advisor can provide you with a policy review to make sure you are getting the best rate and the discounts you deserve at 1.800.800.9410 or at Oh, and be careful out there and look out for the other driver who is still working on their excuse. And if you’ve heard of a good one that worked, or have been the recipient of one, let us know.

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