Father's Day_fbook

You Know Your Dad Was a First Responder When:

  1. Adam 12, T.J. Hooker, CHiPs, Code Red, Emergency and Hill Street Blues were the mainstay on the family TV
  2. You practiced family evacuation drills as a Father’s Day ritual
  3. Dad displayed the implements of the trade: unloaded shotgun, ax or chainsaw, just as the date showed up to take out his daughter
  4. Your door bell was a siren
  5. Your Holiday display consisted of emergency lights
  6. Dad would cruise the neighborhood “just to make sure everything was alright” before he went to bed
  7. Everyone was equipped with a walkie-talkie
  8. He had 10 cans of black shoe polish to make sure his shoes looked shiny every day
  9. “Resuscitation Annie” was a member of the household
  10. Dad would never allow the birthday candles to be lit on the cake
California Casualty

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