Summer is more than just a great time for BBQs, baseball and swimming pools; it’s the perfect time to get your home maintenance done.

The experts say warm weather is perfect for:
• Interior and exterior painting
• Power washing exterior walls to remove dust, mold or grime
• Power washing and re-staining decks
• Replacing loose or broken boards on decks and hammering or screwing down nails or screws that have come loose
• Checking roofs for winter wear
• Checking and clearing gutters and drain spouts of debris and making sure the spouts direct water away from the home’s foundation
• Pruning trees and shrubs and removing overhanging branches
• Fixing any plumbing problems while pipes are warm
• Inspecting for insect and termite damage to baseboards, decks or around windows – look for soft spots in wood around doors and windows or mud tubes against outside walls
Summer is also a great time to make sure your home or renters insurance is up-to-date. Get a free policy review with a California Casualty advisor at 1.800.800.9410 or at

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