As the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to fall, don’t think your yard work is done. Autumn is a critical time for lawns, gardens and other landscaping. What you do now will impact how nice your lawn and garden look next spring.

Did you know that fall is when Kentucky Blue Grass starts regenerating and most root growth takes place? A good feeding and watering will do wonders for that lush green carpet you dream of in the spring and summer. It is also the best time to do weed control. So what do you need to do? These tips come from Lawn Care Made Easy:

  • Increase the height of your mower blade; longer grass will help protect against winter’s cold
  • Reseed bare patches
  • Fertilize your lawn for a healthier spring growth
  • Make sure to rake or mulch leaves that can choke your lawn
  • Do extra weed control
  • Remove highly acidic pine needles that can interfere with lawn growth

Don’t forget your garden. Fall is the time to clean up old plants, add mulch and plant bulbs that will burst with colorful flowers in the fall. Treehugger.com has a list of things you can plant in your garden this fall:

  1. Trees and shrubs
  2. Spring flowering bulbs (tulips, crocuses and daffodils)
  3. Perennials

Other important things you should be doing before the first freeze come from the article, 14 Fall Tips for a Better Spring Garden:

  • Emptying hoses, rain barrels and sprinkler systems
  • Prepare your spring garden beds and get cold frames and poly-tunnels ready for those early spring plants
  • Winterize any garden ponds
  • Give young trees and shrubs a good deep fall watering
  • Clean, repair and sharpen tools and find proper storage for them
  • Review and plan for next year

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