Nurses save lives every single day. But here’s the thing about Nurses: They’ll tell you they’re just doing their jobs. Saving a patient in the ICU? Diligently nursing a premature baby to health? Brightening patients’ lives in nursing homes every single day? All in a day’s work. But when you ask them to describe their jobs, the stories start to come out. Nurses going above and beyond for their patients, working back-breaking hours to make a difference, juggling their own personal lives while still offering life-changing bedside care. These are the stories we wanted to hear. But most of the time, nurses are too humble to tell their own stories. So we started asking Nurses about their Nursing coworkers- their heroes. We were blown away by the responses.

Here are just a few of the Nursing heroes that we have spotlighted thus far in our Nominate a Hero program: 

April Nurse Hero

Name: September S.
Profession: Registered Nurse 
Nominated by: Johnnie S.

September is a registered nurse raising three children while her husband is deployed in Afghanistan.  As her husband puts it, “If superwoman did exist on this planet, her alter ego is September.” Watch the video below to hear directly from him, in a video filmed while serving in Afghanistan, what makes this Nurse such a hero:



February Nurse Hero

Name: Jody W.
Profession: Registered Nurse (Home Health Nurse)
Nominated by: Stephen N.

In December 2011, Jody W. saved a complete stranger’s life. As a Nurse, this wasn’t really something new; saving lives is in the job description. But this time was different; this time Jody saved a man’s life by giving him her kidney. Growing up, Jody saw the struggle of kidney disease and the life-saving power of organ donation first hand.  Her close family members battled kidney disease, and several were given a new lease on life through organ donations. In July 2011, Jody put herself on a donation transplant list as a non-directed donor. Not even 5 months later, she was cleared to donate and matched with a recipient. In December, moments before her surgery, Jody got to meet the recipient of her kidney and his family. He is now doing well and on December 8th, 2012, Jody and the recipient celebrated their 1-year transplant anniversary! Jody is also very dedicated to international health and has been on 13 mission trips in Central America. She says she plans to use any prize money from Nominate a Hero on her next trip to Honduras!

Jody, the recipient of her kidney, and their families on the day of the operation.

Jody and the recipient looking GREAT 6-months post-surgery!


December Nurse Hero

Name: Scott D.
Profession: Registered Nurse
Nominated by: Barbara S.

Described as an inspiration to all who know him, Scott is a Registered Nurse working as a home visitor with a hospice unit. Before going into nursing, Scott saved lives as a combat engineer & infantryman with the US Army, jump master, parachute trainer, rescue scuba diver and former Fire Chief. Scott also frequently volunteers to work with the homeless, buying them food and helping them find services and resources. He has also worked with the Veterans Association, attending military funerals and visiting homebound veterans. In his role as a hospice nurse, Scott often brings his beloved dogs with him on home visits. He even volunteered to adopt a veteran’s dog when the owner moved into an assisted living facility. Scott’s nominator, Barbara, describes him as ‘a true hero to his neighbors and friends’ who ‘has been there to help when no one else stepped up.’

Scott Dressler
Scott D. and his nominator, Barbara
California Casualty

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