Here at California Casualty, we care about

the fun stuff.

We know auto and home insurance isn’t anybody’s absolute favorite thing to talk about. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some fun around here. For me, the most entertaining part of my job is…

announcing the winners of our giveaways!

No matter what we are giving away, no matter who wins, no matter where they live… it’s always a blast.

They’re also excited.
They’re always surprised.
And they’re always so grateful.
(Which is slightly ironic, considering our giveaways reward people who truly deserve it and are our way of saying thanks to them.)

We’ve recently announced the winners of TWO giveaways: Our “Work Hard, Play Hard” Polaris ATV and Our School Lounge Makeover.

The winner of our Polaris ATV is a very deserving volunteer paramedic and EMS instructor named Ellie Piatt of Huber Heights, Ohio.

Congratulations, Ellie!

When we headed to Ohio to surprise Ellie at a department meeting, we learned she’d never even so much as sat on an ATV before! But that didn’t seem to curb her excitement. Ellie says she plans to use the $10,000 ATV to help her Bethel Township Fire Department better help the community.

 Ellie, The Bethel Township Fire Department, and member of the California Casualty team all posing with the Polaris ATV

An extremely selfless volunteer paramedic!? I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised. But the genuine bigheartedness of the people we work with is always the biggest reminder of why we work so hard to protect these American Heroes.

Congratulations, Ellie, and thanks for continuing to volunteer your time, talents, and treasures to your community.

As if that wasn’t rewarding enough…

We also revealed our most recently completed School Lounge Makeover

This time, we had the pleasure of working with EON Designs to remodel the Teachers Lounge at Tusky Valley High School. (Tusky Valley is also in Ohio, what a coincidence!)

I had the pleasure of going out to TVHS in May to help surprise our winning teacher.

Kelly Gulling is a highly regarded and much beloved Chemistry and Physics teacher.

Congratulations, Kelly!

For the last 3 months, the EON Design team has been working hard to give the TVHS Teaching Team the Teachers Lounge they deserve. One with chairs that don’t break when you sit in them, enough space for everyone to enjoy the space, and a decor that is relaxing and soothing.

So here’s what the lounge looked like before the School Lounge Makeover

On Tuesday, we revealed the newly made-over TVHS School Lounge!

Are you ready for this?!… 

Doesn’t it look fantastic!? I really love the color…

And here’s Kelly, our winner, in the Lounge with her local Union President (far left) and the Principal at TVHS (far right).

I can’t tell you guys how great it was to see the Before and After of this School Lounge Makeover. The entire community at Tusky Valley High School was a pleasure to meet!

We hope you guys have a rockin new school year in your new lounge! Thanks for letting us get to know your community and reward your educators for everything they do.



Are you an Educator? Could your School Lounge use a Makeover? We are giving away TWO $7500 Makeovers next year! Click here to enter your school for your chance to win one


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