Happy Monday, everyone!

Our firefighters have been on our minds a lot lately.

We have been keeping close track of the multiple wildfires burning across the country (this blog post is about our Service Center in Colorado Springs, near the Waldo Canyon Fire).

The Fourth of July is also coming up!

For most of us, this is a fun day with family and friends. BBQ. Fireworks. Stars and Stripes.

But for our Firefighters and EMTs, the 4th of July is one of the busiest days of the year. So be sure to keep them in mind while celebrating, and celebrate safely so you don’t need their assistance!

(We will cut our safety speech a little short. But keep an eye on the blog in the next few days for firework and safety tips.)


Speaking of Firefighters, today we have our LAST TOP FIRE & EMT Blog.

Can you believe it? Our first Battle of the Blogs is almost over. (Voting ends July 8!)

But we’re wrapping it up on a great note with a GREAT Fire & EMT Blog

Firefighter/Paramedic Stories.

If you are looking for excellent day-to-day stories about the life and experiences of a Firefighter and Paramedic: this is the blog for you.

It’s authored by a Firefighter Paramedic, a blogger named FireMedic.

In his blog, FireMedic takes you along with him. Introduces you to his patients. Shows you the character of his coworkers. Brings you into the fire. Describes the humor, the crazy, and the heartbreak that goes into this job.

So we caught up with the FireMedic himself and got the behind-the-scenes scoop on the blog…
So, FireMedic, how would you describe Firefighter/Paramedic Stories? For the most part it’s a glimpse into the life of a firefighter/paramedic.

What is the focus or mission of your blog? It covers calls, station life, training, a little bit of my personal life and the occasional rant.

Why did you start it? My wife actually started it while I was in paramedic school as a way to share my experiences with close friends and family.

How long have you been writing here? My blog just had its 7th birthday.

Do you have a favorite thing to write about? I love writing about fires. While everyone may one day come across a medical emergency very few people get to run into a burning building. I like to share that.

How would you describe your blog ‘community’ … There’s a lot of fire and EMS bloggers out there. Some of them put a lot more time in then I do. Their dedication amazes me. Happy medic and Statter 911 are two of my favorites.

What has been your best experience as a blogger? I love getting comments from people. It’s great to be able to connect with random people from all over the globe and to answer question that they have.

What have you learned? Even though my blog is anonymous, there have been some people with whom I work that have figured out who I am. Some of them are not too happy that I have a blog. I guess I’ve learned the importance of being discreet.

Any stories you’d like to share? New ones all the time, come back and read them.

(He’s telling the truth. FireMedic is a frequent blogger, always with good stories to tell)

If you win Battle of the Blogs, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings and why? Toys for Tots. Every kid deserves something to smile about.

Where else can we find ya on the web? On Facebook and Twitter.

Want to read some of FireMedic’s stories? Check out Firefighter/Paramedic Stories here. To vote for your favorite FIRE & EMT Blog, click here!

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