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Today, we are veryyy excited to profile another TOP Law Enforcement Blog! It is a little different than our other LE blogs, and that’s precisely why we like it.

Today’s TOP LE BLOG is…

Things Worth Believing In.

Things Worth Believing In is a blog run and authored by tgace, a Police Lieutenant in Narcotics/SWAT.

Tgace’s main content and postings are slightly different than our other LEO bloggers. He focuses less on the day-to-day and more on the big picture. He discusses news events in the LE world (and supports his views with examples and videos).

But tgace also spends a lot of time talking about Warriorship. Now, my knowledge of warriorship is limited to what I’ve read on the blog.

But tgace describes ‘warriors’ like this: ‘I have come to be of the opinion that a true “Warrior” is someone who goes out into the world and engages in some sort of activity that serves someone other than himself. ”

Sure sounds like an LEO to me.

Things Worth Believing In is not your average LEO blog. And that’s why we love it. So check it out, read a little bit about warriorship, and keep up with some LE current events.

Want to know more about tgace and his blog’s origins? Here’s our Q&A:

How would you describe Things Worth Believing InMy blog is sort of a digital “blank book” that I use to record thoughts and ideas that relate to some of my specific interests: law enforcement, martial arts, firearms skills and martial/warrior philosophy.

What is the focus or mission of Things Worth Believing InThe main focus of my blog is to discuss the many topics, skills, and ideas that make up the way of living people have defined as “warriorship.” A mindset that I believe, if processed correctly and placed in the proper social context, can produce police officers with a developed sense of service, honor and personal integrity; but if misconceived, can result in arrogance and a mindset of conflict with the people they are supposed to serve.

When did you start it? Late 2008. This is my first serious blog attempt.

Why? I started my blog as an effort to define my idea of what “warriorship” is and how it relates (if at all) to the mindset/mentality of the modern American Police Officer.

What are your favorite or least favorite topics to write about? My interests have fluctuated over the years. I currently enjoy writing about firearms and martial philosophy but tend to avoid overly political topics that tend to breed resentment and job related problems.

How would you describe your blog ‘community’?  To be honest, there are not many LEOs blogging on the topic I am interested in. Many tend to focus on personal “war stories” and street encounters, or discuss departmental politics and focused LE related topics such as active shooter response or combating the threat of terrorism.

What has been your best experience as a blogger? I have met and exchanged ideas with other American police officers and I have been sent a few products by companies for product evaluations, which was unexpected but enjoyable.

What have you learned? Not to take myself too seriously. Putting your ideas/thoughts out for public examination better come with a thick skin.

Any stories you’d like to share? I recently had a humorous exchange with a commenter on a “knife law” post. He struck me as an “anti” type and obviously didn’t read beyond the single post. His reaction when he realized I was an LEO was kind of funny.

If you win Battle of the Blogs, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings and why? I would donate any money to “The Wounded Warrior Project.” As a military veteran, I don’t believe there is any higher obligation we have as Americans than to take care of the men and women who risk all they have for us.

Where else can we keep up with you on the web? Facebook.


Want to read some of tgace’s posts? Click here! Ready to vote for your favorite law enforcement blog? Click here!  

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