Today, we are excited to profile our second female law enforcement officer blogger! This time, we are talking about a very honest and humorous blog by a patrol officer.

Today’s TOP Law Enforcement Blog is…

The Boogie Man is My Friend.

This law enforcement blog is authored by a woman named Momma Fargo. (And Momma says this ‘super squirrel’ picture fits her to a ‘T’!)

Momma Fargo is a female police officer and hilarious blogger.

Looking for a blog that talks about the real deal? Momma dishes it out.

She works on patrol and The Boogie Man is My Friend contains many stories from her day-to-day life (with names changed, of course).

She’s sassy, unapologetic, and most importantly: honest.

We wanted to know more about the badge-baring woman behind the blog. Our Q&A with Momma herself:

How would you describe your blog? The Boogie Man Is My Friend is an eclectic mix of day to day happenings in my life on and off duty. It’s crazy, honest, and out front with what happens in reality.

What is your focus or mission? I first started to blog as a journal for my daughter to remember what her mom went through and for her to read it someday when she was older or I had passed away. Pretty soon, I had followers and followed other bloggers. The original mission is still there, but now I think it is important for people to know what goes on in the life of police officers. Of course, I still hold back public information and still contain most horrific things in what I call my Pandora’s box.

Why did you start it? I’m over 40 (cough) on patrol duty and used to be a detective for many years. In 2007, I left the department and resigned, anxious to start my own business. I came back in 2008, then doing both my business and police work. The Chief offered me my old position back, but I told him I had to start at the bottom and earn my way back up. Although, I’ve been offered my old detective slot back several times,  I’ve stayed on patrol because I love the hours, dynamics, and leaving my work at the job.  So, in 2009, I discovered blogging by accident while surfing on the internet. I thought it would be a way to express myself and keep a record for my daughter.

What’s your favorite thing to write about? My favorites are the funny encounters with kids and the crazy people out on the street. Every day I run into something I haven’t seen or experienced in law enforcement.

I have changed the names of the guilty and innocent to protect privacy and given them my own names which are derived my contact with them and stem from their personalities.

Any least favorites? The least favorite and most difficult things to write about are the times where I felt I failed to help someone.

What can you tell us about your blog community? My blog community is an amazing support system comprised of so many different walks of life. I truly appreciate them all. They keep me in check; they make me smile; they keep me up when I am about to flounder; and they make me laugh. They all are truly an inspiration to what wonderful people we have in the world and a big asset to humanity.

What has been your best experience as a blogger? My interaction from my blog readers

Have you learned anything through blogging? You can’t fool anyone. The truth is so important to us all. Phony is not in my vocabulary. I have seen phony things on the internet and blogging. However, I am real. I have learned that being real is so important to keep alive. I have also learned how amazed people are at my police stories when it is just “ hum drum” daily law enforcement for me. We really do shield a lot from the public.

Any stories you’d like to share? One of my stories that tickles my funny bone still today is The TIME MACHINE.

And Momma, If you win, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings and why? I would like it to go to the American Cancer Society in memory of my father. My mother is a cancer survivor, however, my father passed away when I was very young from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Cancer sucks. There is just no other way to put it.

(Well said. Cancer does indeed suck.)

Want to read some of Momma Fargo’s experience on Patrol? Catch up with The Boogie Man is My Friend by clicking here! To vote for your favorite LE Blog, click here

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