It’s Monday. And Mondays usually elicit the usual the-weekend-is-over-time-for-a-full-workweek sigh.

So today we are excited to not just profile a TOP LEO Blog, but also give you something to look forward to on Mondays!

Today’s Top Blog is…

The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly Blog!

First things first. What is The 5-2The 5-2 is a blog (duh) that updates every week and brings you poetry written by members of law enforcement. That’s right: Crime poetry. We thought this was such an amazing way to give LEOs an outlet, a way to express the often inexpressible happenings of their day-to-day duties.

So, what does this have to do with Mondays? Good question. The weekly part of The 5-2 comes on Monday. That’s when Gerald So, writer and blog maintainer, updates the site. So if you have the Monday blues, here’s something for you to look forward to!

As usual, we caught up with Mr. So to hear more about this very unique LEO blog. Here’s what he has to say about The 5-2


What is the primary focus of The 5-2? To publish an all-new crime-themed poem each Monday year-round.

Why did you start it? The 5-2 evolved from a print chapbook series I published called The Lineup: Poems on Crime. The Lineup unfortunately didn’t get much distribution before it became too costly to continue printing. By contrast, I can maintain The 5-2‘s quality presentation without printing costs.

How long have you been blogging crime poetry? The blog has tracked The Lineup’s progress since February 2008. It has featured The 5-2‘s all-new poetry since September 12, 2011.

If this isn’t your first blog, how long have you been blogging? I started my first blog in 2004.

What’s your favorite thing to write about? Memories.

Do you have a least favorite? Reality television.

Tell us a little bit about your blog ‘community’ … My blog community is mostly mystery/crime writers and readers. I’m surprised and glad to have met them through my blogs and email discussion lists.

If you win Battle of the Blogs, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings? The American Red Cross.

Is there anywhere, other than the blog, that we can keep up with you on the web? On my Twitter account.


Want to check out some of The 5-2‘s Poetry? Click here! To vote for your favorite LEO blog, click here

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