When you talk about the law enforcement (and firefighter) blog communities, there is a group that deserves special recognition:

the spouses and significant others backing the blue line.

When I first started looking for the best of the best LEO blogs, I was looking for blogs authored by officers themselves.

But I was absolutely blown away by the communities created by LEO wives and significant others.

These women and men behind the badge offer each other something completely unique. They share stories, support, and tips. They offer up advice, resources, and most of all someone to listen and understand. This blog community has created a safety and support net unlike any I’ve yet encountered on the web.

With that said, it’s with great excitement that I introduce today’s TOP LEO Blog:

Suddenly Cop Wife!

Suddenly Cop Wife is authored by the wife of a Police Officer (obviously). Her blogger name is Stella New York.  Stella is a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is also the loving and supporting wife of a NYPD officer

When Stella isn’t busy working, supporting her husband, and blogging about their experiences, she also hosts a LIVE show all about being an LEO wife called ‘Suddenly Cop Wife LIVE‘! Her latest show was in White Plains, NY, and (in her words), was “about the life that we lead; the things that the general public knows nothing about…the things that family and friends sometimes just don’t get.”

The reason we chose Suddenly Cop Wife as a top blog? Aside from being a great resource for LEOs and their families, Suddenly Cop Wife is honest. It’s a great blog for LEO families that want to hear from someone that shares their struggles, and isn’t afraid to talk about them. 

I recently chatted with Ms. Stella about the blog behind the blue. Here’s what she had to say about Suddenly Cop Wife

How would you describe your blog? My take on being the wife of an NYPD Officer

What is the focus or mission of Suddenly Cop Wife? To connect with other Cop’s Wives, to vent and write about the issues of the day

Why did you start it? I felt very alone in my experience as a Cop’s Wife; I did not initially marry a cop, and had a hard time adjusting to the changes the career brings; sometimes I still have a tough time with it!!

How long have you been writing on this particular blog? Since June 2010

What’s your favorite thing to write about? Least favorite? I enjoy writing about the funny things that happen. I hate when a child gets killed or something similar is gripping NYC and I feel I need to acknowledge it

Can you tell us a little bit your blog ‘community’ …  I am always surprised by what people comment on…the things that I think people will for sure comment on, they never do…and then the things they do comment on never cease to amaze me…

What has been your best experience as a blogger? I was walking through NYC one day and was talking to a cop about my blog and she said, “Oh, my friend reads you.”

Have you learned anything through the experience? I’ve learned that people are people…we may be from NYC, but the feelings I have are pretty much universal.

I guess it’s important to mention that I think it’s great for a new Cop’s Wife to read; it will help her to navigate all the new roads ahead.

Any stories you’d like to share? Out of the Blog, came a Live Theatre Show; it was a labor of love and has so far been a one-of-a-kind hit.

If you win, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings?  Havanese Rescue. Because I cannot live without my precious Havanese!!


Want to know more about Suddenly Cop Wife? You can keep up with Stella on Facebook or Twitter. More info on her LIVE show is here. To check out her fabulous LEO blog, click here! To vote for your favorite LEO blog, click here

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