Ever wonder what it’s like to run a hospital!?

Today’s TOP NURSING BLOG is run by a blogger who knows a thing or two about what it takes.

Today’s blog is….

Running a Hospital

Running a Hospital is a blog by the Former President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA.

(Again, this furthers my theory that bloggers are superhuman. How do they lead lives like this and find time to blog about it!?!)

Okay, okay… I know. This blog isn’t technically authored by a Nurse. But we selected it as a TOP Nursing Blog because we think it’s just that: A top blog for our nursing network to follow! Running a Hospital is a great place to hear about the latest in medical news, and how that may affect the day to day lives of nurses.

So we sat down with our CEO-turned-blogger to learn a little bit about what he blogs about and why!

How would you describe your blog? This is a blog by a former CEO of a large Boston hospital to share thoughts about hospitals, medicine, and health care issues.

What is the mission behind Running a Hospital? Advocacy for patient-driven care, eliminating preventable harm, transparency of clinical outcomes, and front-line driven process improvement.

Why did you start blogging? I had a very interesting job as CEO of a large academic medical center, and I thought it might be interesting for people to read about the kinds of issues our place and I were facing.

How long have you been writing on this particular blog? Since August 2006.

What’s your favorite thing to write about? Most favorite thing has been success stories, where nurses and other front-line staff accomplish great things in clinical settings.

What about least favorite? Continued lack of progress in reducing harm to patients.

Tell us a little bit about your blog ‘community’ … My blog community is represented by people of all backgrounds, in countries throughout the world. I am inspired by the stories they tell me about the kindness they show to patients and families and the comaraderie that share with one another. Their comments are often funny, as well as thoughtful.

What has been your best experience as a blogger? Actually meeting people around the world with whom I have become virtual friends. Once, I was in Mumbai, India and ended up having dinner with one such virtual friend, after several years of only electronic communication. This is the new version of pen pals!

What have you learned? OMG, I don’t have space to tell you. It would fill a book, er, a blog!

This post is a great summary of how I felt leaving the hospital, too.

If you win our Battle of the Blogs, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings? Why? The BIDMC nurses scholarship fund, which helps support practicing nurses who want to go back to school for advanced training. Why? Well, that should be obvious. Here’s a post that describes some aspects of that.

(PACU nurses who volunteer to work providing first aid at Fenway Park during the Red Sox home games.)


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