Here at California Casualty, we pride ourselves in knowing and understanding the professions that we work with.

But we also recognize, there is only so much we can know without being in the cop car, classroom, fire truck or hospital day in and day out. There’s only so much you can know without actually living it.

One of the highlights of this Battle of the Blogs–for me at least–has been the inside look that these blogs offer. With great writing and honest content, they are a chance to go inside the worlds of our professions- inside the cop car and into the fire.

And that’s really the stand-out feature of today’s blog.


Today’s TOP Law Enforcement Blog is…


The blog is authored by a real cop. And it talks about real things. Names and locations have been changed, but the content–the substance–is honest.

Best of all? The writing is spectacular. You can feel the real in the writing. Raindog will take you out there with him. But beware, it’s not always pretty.

As always, we wanted to know more about the man behind the blog. Here’s our Q&A with Raindog himself…


Raindog, how would you describe Raindogblue?

Raindogblue is a journal dedicated to Momentary Glimpses of Police Life. Be warned. This is the blog of street cop: brutal, injuring, disturbing. The stories are real. The jargon is used. Only the names of people and places have been changed to protect the fragile and innocent.

What is the focus or mission of your blog?

My blog is dedicated to describing the daily life of a patrolman.

What originally drove you to start blogging?

So that my family and friends would understand what I do and so my children, when they are adults, will know why their father was gone so many nights.

How long have you been writing on this particular blog?

I started Raindogblue on March 31st, 2008. This is my first blog.

Do you have any favorite or least favorite blogging topics?

I don’t write about favorite or least favorite topics. I write about the job. I write about stories from calls. I write about the language and jargon. I write about the bureaucracy. I write about the mundane  and remarkable.

Tell us a little bit about your blog ‘community’ … 

At the core, Raindogblue is read by my family and friends, but over the years I have picked up readers who are interested in first responders and the families that support them.  My readership spans from every state in the US as well regulars from the UK, Norway, Canada, Germany, and Mexico. And finally, despite my attempt to be anonymous, about two years ago, my blog was discovered by co-workers who were web surfing. One of my stories went viral. Officers remembered the call and started reading the blog, including my partner, Grumpy. I have been told several officers want their stories told and given nicknames in the journal.

What about them surprises you or gives you inspiration?

I like the dark humor and camaraderie for those who ‘get’ the job. Mostly, I like comments. Raindogblue is a record for the readers as much as it is for me.

What have you learned from the experience?

1) Tell the truth. It is better than fiction.

2) Don’t use the names of people and place: change them. Anonymity strengthens the story and protects the people portrayed in the posts.

Any great/funny/inspiring stories you’d like to share?

Looking for MeatFrankA Break in the Routine and The Crash

If you win, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings? Why?

 The Sunshine Division. They feed the hungry and clothe children.

To check out Raindogblue, click here! To vote for your favorite Law Enforcement blog, click here


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