Could it be so? Another GREAT EMT Blogger?

Yes, yes. Yet again, we have found a fun blog authored by a female paramedic.

Today we are profiling another TOP FIRE & EMT Blog!


Parapup (the blogger) describes herself as, “A bright-eyed blond thought she could save the world, so she went to paramedic school.” And now she’s taking you along while she learns as she goes.

This blog is a great place to read about the day-to-day experiences of a paramedic. Parapup is a very funny, honest blogger who doesn’t mind telling things like they are. Learn more about her! Here’s our Q&A:


How would you describe your blog? A collection of largely longwinded ruminations.

What would you say is the mission of Parapup? I generally prefer to write about things that make me laugh.

Why did you start it? I ran my first priority call as a paramedic and I was ready with my cape flapping in the wind. Everything went wrong, but at least the patient lived.  That story practically told itself.

How long have you been writing on Parapup About three years. I have another blog I write on from time to time about non-EMS things.

What’s your favorite thing to write about? I love writing about things that make me laugh.  I love to go on long tangents and pour my soul into a piece.  I love using my lexicon to try to explain complicated emotions and thoughts.  I just hate that it takes so long to sit down and pump out the words.

What is blog ‘community’ around Parapup like? I love the community with whom I write.  It’s full of awesome folks.  They’ll make you laugh, cry, and get mad.  They welcomed me with open arms.  From my first Word Press emergency to my spontaneous email interview about mustaches, my fellow bloggers have been awesome.

What has been your best experience as a blogger?  I love when my readers email me.  I have readers that are incredibly thoughtful and some that are downright hilarious. I haven’t had any hate mail, yet.  I figure I’ll know I’ve made it one day when I get hate mail.

What have you learned?  I have learned to channel my emotions through my writing.  It’s how I get the demons out.

Any great stories you’d like to share?  I once had a reader tell me that he had been scared to enroll in an EMT class because he didn’t think he had what it took, despite that he was passionate about EMS.  He read a story I wrote about a mistake I made, and opted to enroll.  My words changed someone’s career path.  How cool is that?

If you win TOP Fire & EMT Blog, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings and why?  At my agency, we have a benevolent fund that helps out when people get seriously hurt or ill.


Want to know more about Parapup? You can read her blog here or keep up with her on Facebook. To vote for your favorite FIRE & EMT Blog, click here

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