Have you ever had one of those experiences where something just keeps popping up in your life?

You meet someone with a peculiar name, and next thing you know you’re seeing it everywhere: the credits of movies, a book you’re reading, the nametag of your waitress. You hear a song you like and suddenly it’s on in the grocery store, running in the background of a TV ad, playing while you’re on hold.

Well, that’s what’s happening to me right now.

And it all started with this:

Yes, I am being stalked by chocolate beauty products.

That chocolate scented lotion is in the bathroom at work. It smells heavenly. I have quickly become a chocolate lotion addict.

So chocolate-themed beauty products were already on my mind.

Then CalCas announced that we were giving away a spa trip for nurses

To the Hershey Hotel.

As in this Hershey:

Apparently, aside from providing nurses auto insurance, we also like to provide them with chocolate facials. Who knew!?

I had to get to the bottom of this chocolate products craze. And guys, it doesn’t stop at facials. Hershey’s offers chocolate sugar scrubs, cocoa massages, whipped cocoa bathes, chocolate fondue wrap, chocolate immersion!!!

So I had to know, what’s the deal? Does coating ourselves in chocolates do anything more than lead to wicked candy bar cravings? After extensive googling, here’s what I learned:

  • Cocoa beans are high in antioxidant phenolic phytochemicals (say that three times fast…).  Those anti-oxidant properties prevent damage to skin’s elastin and collagen. In other words, it could help smoothen out/prevent wrinkles. (One study even shows that chocolate can contain more antioxidants per cup than red wine or green tea!)
  • Chocolate contains Shea butter.  Shea butter! Now there’s something I recognize. Shea butter is a fairly common moisturizer and skin softener. It can do wonders for dry skin
  • The cocoa butter in chocolate also serves as a natural skin softener as well as conditioner
  • The caffeine in chocolate can stimulate circulation and give your skin a healthy glow
  • That great chocolate smell causes the brain to release serotonin. That’s the same hormone that promotes happy feelings (like falling in love) and reduces stress

So, I was pretty sold on this whole chocolate shtick. (Honestly, it didn’t take tooo much convincing.) And then today, I had to get my oil changed. I’m flipping through a magazine and what do I see?!?

This ad:


It’s a crazy, chocolate world out there, kids.

[And hey, if you’re a nurse and you wanna give this whole chocolate thing a try (and take three people with you!) enter to win the Hershey Spa Giveaway from California Casualty by clicking here!]

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