If we know anything about our nurses, it’s that they are one BUSY group of people.

Long shifts, grueling work, emotional fatigue… it’s a lot.

So stopping to think about nurses’ auto insurance probably isn’t how you’d like to spend your very limited free time…

This would be much nicer, huh?

But it is important to know the options when it comes to insurance for nurses…

and your risks

Did you know: One study found that in a pool of 895 hospital staff nurses, 67% reported at least 1 episode of drowsy driving per month. Some even reported drowsy driving after EVERY shift. Drowsy driving more than QUADRUPLES the risk of a crash.*

Nurses, with all the work you put into keeping everyone else safe, don’t forget about yourselves!

California Casualty is proud to work with you to provide home and auto insurance for nurses that matches up with your profession. Here are some of our nurse-specific benefits:

  1. We know you are busy and frequently work nights, so we make our service—and your accounts—available around the clock. Nurses can manage their accounts online, 24 hours a day! If you have a home or auto insurance claim, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you.
  2. We know you nurses frequently volunteer your time; you should be able to serve the community without stressing over your car. We will protect your car if it is parked within 500 feet of the facility where you work OR volunteer. We will reduce up to $500 from your deductible for collision and vandalism that occurs near where you are working or volunteering and even cover up to $500 of the personal property inside your car for no additional cost.
  3. You protect others, let us protect you. California Casualty offers free ID defense. If your identity is stolen, we will work with you—one-on-one, for as long as it takes—to resolve the problem. To help prevent identity theft, we will monitor your credit for fraud and report any suspicious activity at no additional cost.
  4. Spend less time thinking about nurses’ home and auto insurance. Our low rates are locked in for a full year—even if you have a claim. That’s twice as long as most companies, so you’ll spend half as much time making sure you’re covered at a fair rate.
  5. Nurses are good drivers, and we reward them for it. We are proud to extended good student, multi-policy, and even mature driving discounts to our nurses.

Nurses, we know spending time on the beach may be more fun, but we hope you take time to make sure you are protected. We are proud to offer nurses home and auto insurance that offers great discounts, excellent service, and profession-specific perks.

And hey, if all that drowsy driving talk got you thinking you need a break… let us send you to the spa! We know how hard our nurses work, so we’re sending 4 to the Hershey Chocolate Spa! Click here to enter.


*Sources: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2276124/



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