You’ve got a new addition to your family – or you’re expecting one soon. Congratulations! There is a lot to do to prepare, including getting your home ready for your new baby.

Here’s a checklist to help better prepare your home for your new little bundle of joy.


In the Bedroom

    • Take strings off of the bottom of sleepers (clothing) so they don’t get wrapped around baby’s toes. Check all clothing for loose buttons that could be swallowed.
    • Remove mobiles when the baby can sit on his or her own.
    • Adjust the mattress so it’s in the lowest spot when the baby can pull up to a standing position.
    • Store creams and smaller objects that your baby could fit in its mouth up high and out of reach.
    • Place a protective cover on all unused outlets.
    • Wind or wrap electric cords so that babies cannot pull on them, causing lamps or other appliances to fall.
    • Wrap or tie up drapery cords so they are out of reach. Use cordless window blinds if possible.
    • Make sure all heavy furniture, like drawers and desks, are anchored to the wall to prevent them from falling over.


In the Kitchen

    • Make sure high chairs are sturdy and tray latches are secure.
    • Install cabinet locks so when the baby starts exploring, little fingers won’t get into the contents.
    • Install appliance locks so baby can’t pull open an oven or dishwasher door.
    • Use a stove guard that attaches to the front and blocks knobs so that curious kids can’t turn them on.
    • Store cleaning products out of reach of baby. Store them safely up high or behind a secured cabinet. Similarly, keep any alcohol out of reach.
    • Keep all knives, cooking utensils, smaller appliances, and glassware safely stored away in cabinets or drawers.
    • Consider a child safety look on pantry doors to keep curious kids away from unopened groceries.


In the Bathroom

    • Set your water heater to 120 Fahrenheit or below to prevent burns. Or install an anti-scald device on your tub’s faucet.
    • Use nonslip mats for the bathtub and any tile floors or hard surfaces.
    • Put a rubber spout cover on the tub faucet to protect from bangs or bruises.
    • Replace any bathroom trashcans that do not have lids.
    • Make sure the toilet seat has a protective lock and that it is never left up for the baby to fall in.
    • Store away fragrances, razors, soaps, styling tools, makeup, etc. out of reach.


In the Laundry Room

    • Get a child safety lock for your washer and dryer doors so that curious toddlers cannot crawl inside. (Some newer models may include safety locks.)
    • Store bleach and detergent pods out of reach. While they look good enough to eat, pods can be poisonous.
    • Use a lock on the laundry room door to prevent curious crawlers from exploring, especially when machines are in use.
    • Never leave hot irons or steamers plugged in.


More Throughout the Home

    • Mount any heavy furniture to the wall so it doesn’t tip. If you can’t mount your television, secure it in a cabinet.
    • Block staircases with a hardware-mounted baby gate to ensure it stays put. Pressure-fit gates may not. Know that safety gates are designed for children ages 6-24 months.
    • Install window guards to prevent babies and toddlers from falling out of open windows.
    • Add furniture padding to pointy corners on coffee tables, kitchen counters, and other places.
    • Remember that toddlers will pull themselves up on furniture so ensure that it is secure.
    • Install pinch guards to protect little fingers from getting pinched in doors.
    • Cover any open outlets with child-safe covers.
    • Keep chargers and any other cords stored away and out of reach.
    • Make sure anything breakable, like decorative vases, glass photo frames, or indoor planters are placed safely out of reach.
    • Make sure the doors on your fireplace remain closed and that you use a protective gate to keep the baby at a far enough distance away.

As a new parent who cares about safety, you’re going to be great. Enjoy your new arrival!


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