Pi Day is March 14 (3.14). If you are still looking for some games or activities to do with your kids or students, don’t worry, check out these 5 easy last-minute Pi Day activities you can do at-home or online!
pi day activity

1. An Easy Art Project

Make Pi Day Grid Art! To celebrate the infinite number of Pi there are infinite ways to fill in the boxes. Have your students choose 3 colors and give them 14 to design 15 (3.1415) boxes however they like and then cut them out and hang them in your classroom.



pi day activity

2. A Fun Craft They Can Keep

Make Pi Day Bracelets! Assign each digit of Pi to a certain color (ex. 3=blue 1=white 4=yellow), write the color assignments down, print them out and give them to your students. Have them each cut a string that is the size of their wrist and get to work! OR If it’s easy you can assign different colors for even and odd numbers (even=black, odd=white).



pi day activity

3. A Pi-Day Inspired Book With a Riddle

Read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi! In this book, kids will have fun while trying to solve the pi-day riddle. ABOUT: When Radius gives Sir Cumference something to relieve stomach pain, his poor father turns into a dragon! Radius must solve a riddle about a circle to change Sir Cumference back to a human by the next morning.



pi day

4. A Fun Race to Pie

Play a Pi Card Game! Here’s how it works- divide students into groups and get a deck of cards (for social distancing or virtual learning each student can use their own deck) and take out all Aces, Jacks, Jokers, Kings, and Queens. Give each student 5 cards to hold and keep the rest in the deck. The goal of the game is to play all of the card numbers that make up Pi, so the first card that must be played is a 3- if no one has a 3, students must take turns drawing cards until someone can lay down a three, and then you go to the next number in Pi, 1 and so on. The person with the fewest number of cards in their hands once the deck is empty (or you reach the number you would like to stop at in Pi) is the winner!



pi day activity

5. A Pie Day Scavenger Hunt

Ready, Set, GO find Pi! Have students find and measure as many circular things that they can around the house or the classroom with a tape measure. They will then have to record the object they find, the diameter, and then use Pi to find the circumference. If you would like, you can even give prizes away to those who find 10 different circular objects and measure them!

Don’t forget to celebrate by eating your favorite pie! If you are celebrating in the classroom you don’t have to miss out on the pie fun, just remember to make sure each is individually wrapped, like these 4 oz pies.

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