Get your students up and moving at your Valentine’s Day classroom party with our list of fun Valentine’s Day-themed brain breaks!

These YouTube videos are all free and great for socially distant in-person learning, and for hybrid or online teachers looking for activities to help their remote students get their wiggles out. Check them out below.



virtual valentines game

1. Find the Gnome – P.E. with Mr. G

Find the Gnome is a brain break activity that has students guess where the infamous gnome is hiding by performing exercises, yoga poses, and dance moves. Whoever has the most right guesses at the end is the winner. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

2. St. Patrick’s Valentine Delivery on the Run! – Online P.E. Coach Hayne

Students can help St. Patrick’s leprechaun deliver Valentine’s Day cards on Rainbow Road. Seems easy, however, Rainbow Road is full of obstacles like wind tunnels, unicorns, and wind that the students must get around by performing different actions. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

3. Boom Chicka Boom Valentine’s Day Songs for Kids – The Learning Station

The Learning Station is back with this great sing-a-long Valentine’s Day song for young kids! Get your littles excited by having them stand up and sing and dance along to this fun and catchy toon. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

4. Achy Breaky Heart Dance Along – GoNoodle | Get Moving

The older kids can also enjoy a fun dance along by learning how to line dance with GoNoodle! These steps can be pretty tricky so here are some instructions to go over before the music starts: right grapevine – kick – left grapevine – kick – front grapevine – stomp – back grapevine – stomp – right heel, heel – left heel, heel – toe – toe & heel 3x’s – JUMP! (and say Yee Haw!) & start from the beginning. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

5. Valentine’s Day Workout – Disney Just Dance – Teacher Mister Alonso

In this video, students choose which shadow is the correct true love of the Disney character. Whichever shadow they choose, they are to do that workout. At the end of the workout, the shadows are unmasked and they will see if they answered correctly. Whoever does gets a heart; most hearts at the end wins. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

6. Would You Rather – Valentine’s-Themed This or That – Empowered with Ms. Jenny White

Students will be asked a series of Valentine’s Day questions, where they will get to pick their favorite answer. Whichever answer they choose, they will have to do the exercise that appears after it for 30 seconds. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

7. Cupid on the Run – P.E. with Mr. G

Cupid has lost feathers from his wings and cannot fly without them. It’s up to your students to help him collect his wings, but they will run into some obstacles along the way. Run, jump, throw, duck, and more to help cupid collect all of his feathers so he can fly on Valentine’s Day. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

8. Have Fun and Freeze! – Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

Students can get up from their seats and dance along to Jack Hartmann’s song, but when the music stops they have to FREEZE! (Feel free to make up rules about students who are left dancing, like having them do jumping jacks until the next FREEZE.) Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

9. Valentine’s Day Workout Heart Break Challenge – RSD Online

With this fun workout, your students will feel like they are in boxing class! They’ll air punch, dodge, duck, and jump through all of the obstacles as the (anti-Valentine’s Day) video plays. Just make sure students are spaced out for this one so there are no accidents. Click here to play!




virtual valentines game

10. Cosmic Kids Yoga Valentine’s Special – Cosmic Kids Yoga

You can’t go wrong with a calming session of Cosmis Kids Storytime and Yoga! This is a two-in-one video that features a Frozen story and a Harry Potter story, so kids can choose which one they would rather do. Click here to play!


If you are looking for something else to do for your classroom party, here are some other great Valentine’s Day activities for kids on YouTube to check out. They may not get kids up and out of their seats, but they are every bit just as fun!


Other Fun Valentine’s Day Activities:

Valensteins | Valentine’s for Kids Read Aloud – Kid Story Time

How to Draw a Valentines Golden Retriever Puppy – Art for Kids Hub

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Saint Valentine’s Day Animated History – Fiveminded

Pete the Cat – Valentine’s Day is Cool Read Aloud – SandZ Academy


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