Valentine’s Day is almost here! That means it’s time to switch up your winter classroom bulletin boards and door decor to something a little more soft and sweet.

We’ve pulled together the cutest classroom bulletin board inspo for Valentine’s Day- check them out below! And for all of our remote educators, you don’t have to miss out on the fun! Use these ideas for your Zoom backgrounds, or even create a “bulletin board” on a blank wall at home.


1.  Books Are Like a Box of Chocolates

Have each child can make their own chocolate to hang on the bulletin board.



2.  Love is an Open Door

Because you can never go wrong with Olaf on Valentine’s Day!



3.  We TOAD-A-LY Love School

Put each child’s name on a heart, or get creative and have them each make lily pads.



4. Love You to Pizzas

Such a cute and fun reminder to let each child know they are loved.



5. One in a Minion

Who doesn’t love minions?! If you are feeling ~extra~ put some minion googles on each name heart!



6. Llama Tell You

Have each child write their favorite part of class on their own individual hearts.



7. How Many Kisses Tall Are You?

Not technically a bulletin board, but so creative and perfect for Valentine’s day!



8. Our Class is Full of Sweet Hearts

If you want a quick and easy Valentine’s Day bulletin board decoration, this is perfect for you!



9. Yoda One for Me

Alt. Title “Friends Forever, We Are” Put student names in the hearts – or for all our Mandalorian fans, use frogs 😉



10. Are You a Library Book?

Because nothing will even beat a good punny pick-up line.



11. Love is in the Air 

….and so is our class! Add pictures of each student in your hot air balloon.



12. Bee-Mine

You could do so many things with this one! Have students make their own bees, make a honeycomb, put their photo on the bee-heads, etc.



13. Love Letters

So cute! You could even have each child write one good thing about the other and leave them in their envelopes.



14. We LOVE Learning

And we LOVE this. You don’t have to be a Sign Language teacher to use this door decor!



15. We Love School a Latte

Because we know how much you love coffee…



16. Will You Be My Favorite Gnomie?

Put student names in the hearts or have them each make their own cute little gnomes.



17. Black History Month + Valentine’s Day

= YES!



18. We Love Our Lab….A BOT

Or easily change up the wording to suit your classroom!



19. Let Love Grow

Perfect for Valentine’s Day and to leave up for Spring.



20. 28 Ways to Love Yourself

Because students need to know it’s important to themselves, just as they love others.



21. Reading is a Tweet!

If you make the birds look like the Twitter birds, it will surely get your student’s attention.



22. OWL Love You Forever

Simply, adorable, and easy to incorporate student art. What’s not to love?



22. “…Taught to Love”

Another one of our favorite Black History Month + Valentine’s Day bulletin boards.



23. A Cup of Kindness

Kindness week is ALSO in February, if you want to combine the two 🙂



24. Sending Love Your Way

Let your students paint or color their own hearts. You could even have them write what they love on them!



25. 100 Reasons Why

Have each student write on a few hearts why they love their class.



*BONUS* Anti-Valentine’s Day

Because not everyone has to love the holiday.



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