It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The excitement of the looming Winter Break can be felt in every classroom, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun and festive Bulletin Boards? It’s officially to de-stress and have fun creating some winter bulletin boards for your kids and classroom.

We’ve pulled together our favorite ideas for Winter, Christmas, and more below. Check them out! And for all the teachers teaching remotely, you don’t miss out on the fun! Use these ideas for your Zoom backgrounds, or even create (fake) bulletin board on a blank wall at home!


1. School Door…or Gingerbread House?

Go big or go home, right? You could even put kid’s names or pictures on the gumdrops!

christmas bulletin boards




2. Take an #sELFie

Literally, the cutest thing we have ever seen. Take student #sELFies and send them to parents as Christmas cards!

christmas bulletin boards for teachers




3. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Throw it back to your childhood, with a classic Snoopy bulletin board. You can even add each child’s name or photo on the lights, like they have below.

christmas bulletin boards



4. A Kindness Christmas Tree

Make a countdown until break and reveal a new kindness quote each day.

Christmas Bulletin Boards




5. Frozen-Themed

Winter isn’t complete without Olaf in your classroom!

winter bulletin boards




6. Under Elf Surveillance

This elf can be on mask duty in the hallway OR or classroom duty, just put it on your door.

winter bulletin boards california casualty




7. ….Or You Could Use a Different Elf

You could use so many different sayings on this Buddy the Elf Bulletin Board.

winter bulletin boards




8. Wall of Joy

We’d be lying if we didn’t tell you this one was our favorite. Put this in the hall and have each child write what brings them joy 🙂 (for sanitary reasons, be sure to have them use their own writing tool)

christmas bulletin boards




9. Rudolph ft. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Have kids make their own ornaments! Want something a bit more simple? Just showcase the ornaments hanging from the top of the bulletin board instead.

winter bulletin boards



10. Reading Makes You Bright

We love the symbolism! Except in the photo, all of the snowflakes are the same…So, be sure to have your students each make snowflakes to hang on your board!

holiday bulletin boards




11. Don’t be a GRINCH be Kind

Because who doesn’t love The Grinch?

be kind




12. Oh Deer! Christmas is Almost Here

Each child can make their own unique reindeer.

winter bulletin board california casualty




13. Chillin’ With My Snowmies

You could leave it as is, or for a larger board have each student make a snowman or Santa-gnome!

winter bulletin boards




14. If Santa Was Stuck In My Chimney…

You can’t beat a funny holiday writing prompt!

holiday bulletin board ideas




15. A Tree Made of Border

So we know this technically isn’t a bulletin board, but what a cool idea to make a tree out of extra border paper!

holiday bulletin boards




16. Fa-la-la Singing Reindeer

Holiday cuteness overload

winter bulletin boards




17. Learning is a Gift

A classic, that is easy to create and really make your own. Put subjects or children’s names on the presents!

winter bulletin boards




18. Loco for Cocoa

Another easy writing prompt idea, kids can write their perfect hot cocoa recipe and decorate their own mug.

winter bulletin boards




19. Stockings Hung By The Chimney With Care

Keep it nice and cozy this winter with this cute classroom fireplace. Kids can even make their own stockings and hang them up for Santa!

winter bulletin boards



20. Teacher-Elves in a Snow Globe

Don’t be afraid to make a silly bulletin board like this, it’s guaranteed to make your student’s day!

holiday bulletin boards




21. Fal la la la llama

Because Christmas doesn’t always have to be able elves and reindeer.

fa la la la llama




and, last but not least, our honorable mention…




Frosty’s Baby Picture

A true work of art.

winter bulletin board ideas



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