Although many of us won’t be able to visit friends, family, or loved ones this holiday season, that doesn’t mean we can’t still bring them joy or spread the Yuletide cheer!

Check out these 20 great holiday gift ideas for everyone in your life – no matter where they are.

1. Printable Coupons – Flex your creative muscles by making personalized coupons that can be printed out and redeemed later – for hugs, virtual family time, happy hour or anything, really! For a handmade touch, draw or paint them and send via snail mail or a digital photo.

2. Streaming Service Subscription – These days, there is no shortage of streaming service choices. Would anyone on your list like a subscription for movies, shows or music?

3. Gaming Subscription – Gamers can never get enough gaming time. Make sure you know which app or platform the gamer in your life uses before purchasing.

4. Audiobook Membership – Audiobooks are a great gift for book lovers for several reasons: they can “read” on the go, listen to master storytellers bring books to life, and have access to unlimited audiobooks (for most subscription platforms).

5. Donation – For those who have everything, donating to a cause you know they care about will give them some extra good feels for the holidays.

6. Museum Pass – Many people assume museums are closed, but in fact many have done a ton of work to go virtual. Get your favorite art lover a pass and help them get their art groove on.

7. Online Grocery Shopping Service – Help loved ones stay safe and give them some extra time in their day by gifting a subscription to their favorite grocer.

8. Food Delivery – Go one step beyond groceries and send a subscription for a food delivery service in their area. No dishes to clean, and a hot cooked meal delivered straight to their door? – yes, please!

9. Meal Delivery Kit – Halfway between groceries and food delivery, meal kits take the guesswork out of dinner prep, and will be much appreciated by any home chef.

10. Wine Subscription – Wine lovers on your list will look forward to new arrivals all year long. For those who aren’t partial to wine, check out subscriptions for beer, cheese, olive oil or other specialty foods.

11. Coffee or Tea Subscription – Broaden your favorite coffee or tea drinker’s horizon by getting them something new for their morning ritual.

12. Magazine or Publication Subscription – There’s a publication for everyone – all depending on their interests. Have a friend or family member who’s been wanting a digital newspaper subscription? How about a magazine all about one of their hobbies or interests? A google search for “online newsstand” should spark a ton of ideas.

13. Virtual Yoga or Gym Membership – Taking care of our own health is often last on the to-do list. Keep your loved ones healthy and help them lower their stress by getting them the gift of health.

14. Meditation App – Who couldn’t use a little calm and peace right now? Check out the many meditation apps available and find the perfect ones for your favorite people.

15. Online Learning Subscription – Have any curious, knowledge-thirsty folks in your circle? Send them a subscription for language courses, higher education classes or another online learning opportunity.

16. Subscription For Creative Arts – Creative projects can help keep us inspired and motivated during the long winter months. For the creatives in your life, look into crafting subscriptions, online painting classes, virtual music lessons, and other right-brain endeavors.

17. Virtual Scrapbook – Send friends or family a reminder of great times together (pre-Covid!) by assembling a virtual scrapbook of favorite memories. The great thing about an online versus paper version is that you can include videos in the mix of photos.

18. Makeup or Beauty Subscription – Someday we’ll have a reason to go out again, but in the meantime, receiving a regular beauty box can give a boost to those on your holiday list.

19. Membership – There’s an association or club for just about every passion, hobby or interest. Birding? Definitely. Fishing? Yep. Quilting, classic cars, sculpture? – there’s a club for that!

20. Professional Membership – Give a loved one a career boost by getting them a membership to a professional association in their field.

No doubt – this holiday season looks different than all the years past. But with some flexibility and creativity, we can still connect and celebrate with our loved ones. And surprise them with the perfect gifts! Happy holidays to all!



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