We have amazing employees at California Casualty. The Employee Spotlight is a new series aiming to highlight those talented individuals that make up our successful company culture and community. From human resource recruiters and learning and development trainers to claims adjusters, marketers, customer support specialists, partner relations, sales representatives, and beyond; each week, we’ll highlight a new team member, so you can get to know us better and see how our employees make us who we are as a company. 

This edition of the Employee Spotlight will feature Senior Field Marketing Manager, Sandra Clemons-Butler

Sandra has been with us for a whopping 28 years and works remotely for our Partner Relations team.

Let’s get to know Sandra!

sandra clemons-butler


What made you want to work as a Field Marketing Manager for California Casualty?

28 years ago, I had newly relocated from VA. to CA. and was seeking a career in sales and marketing, as I had come from that background.  I interviewed and really liked the company’s code and their approach to relationship building and teamwork.

From that point on, I knew that CalCas was where I was meant to be.   


What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part about my job is easily the relationships that I forge in the field.

I also enjoy the freedom of setting my own schedule and interacting with different people, each day. I also enjoy the diverse group of people I come in contact with daily on the job.


What have you learned in your position at California Casualty?

I have learned all kinds of things in my years at CalCas, but this year has been a completely different ballgame and I’ve learned more than ever before. From creative communication, discipline working at home, to Zoom presentations, and all else (virtually) in between!


What are your favorite activities to do outside of the office?

Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy watching cooking shows and trying new and healthy meals at home. Friends even depend on me to cook something whenever they stop by! I am absolutely not a baker, but I can whip up quick savory meals that always pleases everyone.     


Anything else you would like the audience to know about you?

I am the youngest of 3 girls, first to go away to college in my family, first to graduate college in my family, AND first to move across the country in my family.

I’m a divorced/single mother of 2 kids (boy & girl).

I’m a Pescatarian (eats fish/seafood only) and have been since the age of 17.

A few more random facts include- I enjoy meeting new people, ( and rarely meet a stranger), I love high fashion and to exercise, I pride myself on being a good friend. One of my personal mottos is to love deeply and always be the first to forgive.          



If you want to learn more about Sandra or are interested in a career at California Casualty, connect with her on LinkedIn! Or visit our careers page at https://www.calcas.com/careers

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