Much like all holidays, Halloween is going to look quite a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun (and spooky, of course).

No matter if you are back in the classroom or virtual learning, here are some fun, socially distant Halloween activities that you can do all week long with your students.


Halloween activities

Carve Virtual Pumpkins

ABCYa has a free game on their website called “Carve It” where kids can draw on a pumpkin and it will carve it for them virtually. Unlike real pumpkins, they can easily click undo or reset when they mess up and there is no cleanup!



Halloween activities

Boo! Your Students

You might have heard of the trend “Booing! your neighbors”, but if not, it’s basically just surprising them with Halloween Treats. All you have to do is put together a bag of goodies and a note saying that they’ve been “Booed!” and leave it on their doorstep when they aren’t home.

You can Boo! your students by leaving Halloween goodie bags at their desks. If you are remote learning, you could Boo! them at their homes or if you want to go an easier route, you could send them a fun email letting them know they have been Booed!



Halloween Activities

Play Halloween-Themed Games

There are all kinds of games that can be tailored to meet the Halloween-theme. Here are a few of our favorites:

Halloween PowerPoint Races- has created this super fun and socially distant Halloween-themed PowerPoint race for students. All they have to do is answer the questions correctly and they will move forward in the race. Click HERE to download the document and read the instructions.

Hallo-Charades- Gather together a list of Halloween terms and split students into two teams. Like a game of regular charades, each group must have someone act out the Halloween term that they have been given in their time window if they do not then the other team gets a chance to guess. Correct answers get points!

Halloween-Themed Virtual Escape Rooms- Click HERE to get into the free kid-friendly Halloween virtual escape room. Have students work individually or into virtual break out groups to solve this creepy riddle. If older kids want to get in on the fun (or you have a few overachievers in your class) have them check out this free Harry Potter-themed virtual escape room! Click HERE to enter.

Draw a Monster- This may be the easiest and most fun game you have ever played with your students, and it works great with remote and in-person classes! Have your students each take out a piece of paper and a pencil. Click HERE to play the video and have each child draw what they think the scary Halloween monster looks like based on the description it gives.                                                                                                                                                           

Halloween Printables- Printable activities are always good alternatives to group games. You can download a free Halloween Word Search and Build a Jack-O-Lantern activity to either print out or email to all of your students to complete on their own.



Halloween Activities for Students

Host a Halloween Costume Party/Contest

Even if there is no parade to show them off, kids still want their friends to see what they are being for Halloween. So, on the last day of the week, let kids wear their costumes to class (even if you are remote learning). You could even print out awards and let the kids vote on the best, funniest, and scariest costumes!

For those in person, let parents know the costumes must be something that they can sit in all day and they must still wear masks.

Want to make the week extra spooktacular? Try using these fun Halloween-Themed Zoom Backgrounds and don’t forget to play our Halloween Party Spotify Playlist during your activities.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!



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