We have amazing employees at California Casualty. The Employee Spotlight is a new series aiming to highlight those talented individuals that make up our successful company culture and community. From human resource recruiters and learning and development trainers to claims adjusters, marketers, customer support specialists, partner relations, sales representatives, and beyond; each week, we’ll highlight a new team member, so you can get to know us better and see how our employees make us who we are as a company. 

This edition of the Employee Spotlight will feature our Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, Shannon Schumm

Shannon has been with us for 16 years and is based in our Colorado office.

Let’s get to know Shannon!

Employee Spotlight


What made you want to work in Learning and Development at California Casualty?

Originally, I had a friend (that I had worked with at a previous job), who worked for CalCas about 5 years before I was hired. She said that California Casualty was a family business and a fantastic place to work. Once I got hired, I learned more about the company, its member groups, and dedication to our local community servants.

I am proud of what CalCas stands for. I am married to a police officer and knowing that there are companies out there that support our LOCAL heroes (teachers, firemen, police officers, and nurses) gives me a huge sense of pride. So many businesses recognize and honor our military heroes, but often forget about our local heroes that serve our communities. California Casualty often goes above and beyond to offer specific and tailored benefits for our customers.

I am also from Southern California so I thought it was ironic to work for a company with my home state in the title from Colorado.


What is your favorite part about your job?

I truly love my coworkers. I am part of a small but mighty team. Each of us brings something different and unique to the table.

By celebrating our team’s differences, we are able to come to amazing solutions for the greater good of our users. We are passionate about providing the right solution to our end users. We push each other to grow, learn, and strive to bring out each other’s very best.

I love knowing that I am able to help ease the complexity of knowledge our employees have. We have one source of truth for our employees to rely on to look up job-related guidelines and procedures. I work with our internal groups to ensure the helps system is up to date and accurate. Having accurate documentation helps create trust within our organization, trust within our documentation, and that trust flows through our employees to our customers.

I also love the friendships that are created at work and then transcend to lifelong friendships. I am honored to work with so many amazing humans, and even more proud to call them friends too!


What have you learned in your position at California Casualty?

Where to begin? I have learned far more than I ever expected; from getting licensed in 44 states as a Claims Adjuster to learning DITA to manage our internal content. I was originally hired as a Claims Adjuster and later transferred to the Knowledge Management Team.

Our KM Team manages the cCMS and we are basically like tech writers, authors, editors, SME’s (all in one) for an insurance company.  I have provided narration for internal training courses, trained new employees on our help system, learned our admin side for our cCMS, and am the administrator for one of our training tools that allows content development and offers multiple outputs (simulations, documents, etc.).

Every day provides a new opportunity to learn and grow which our company strongly supports.


What are your favorite activities to do outside of the office?

I teach yoga and yoga sculpt locally. I am pretty involved in the studio’s yoga community. I have participated in leading BootCamps and Teacher Training for the past few years.

Our family loves to go camping and fishing as often as my son’s club baseball allows.

I love new adventures, with that in mind, I just got a new mountain bike which should be super entertaining……and will probably get to know the local ER’s well.


Anything else you would like the audience to know about you?

I am ringmaster of my family circus!! I have 1 daughter who just turned 20, a 14-year-old son, (who eats breaths and lives for baseball) and a stepson and his beautiful wife 2 grandbabies! Of all of that only 1 is still living at home.

We have 3 dogs –my husband is K-9 handler, so we have the police bomb dog Max the German Shepherd, and family dogs Sitka (german shepherd) and Echo (Dutch Shepherd/Malinois). Needless to say, no outfit is complete without dog hair.

I love dad jokes, puns, and anyone who is quick-witted and likes to laugh.  As Calvin Turner has told me I am fun, and fun at parties!



If you want to learn more about Shannon or are interested in a career at California Casualty, connect with her on LinkedIn! Or visit our careers page at https://www.calcas.com/careers

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