As more and more schools close their doors and suspend classes for the year, many parents are faced with the difficult duty of continuing their child’s education from home.

For working adults that are busy continuing to adjust to their new work-from-home lifestyle, it can be a lot to try and juggle. So, many parents have turned to social media to ask homeschooling parents for advice on how to go about teaching their kids.



Their number one piece of advice? Structure.

Emotions are already running high, due to COVID-19 and the anxiety it brings. So, it is important to keep your child’s day as routine and “school-like” as possible. That means it is up to parents to create a studious environment for their kids. Give them a corner in your home that they can designate as their desk, somewhere that they can keep their supplies and do their homework. This will help them distinguish between home-time and school-time.

You should also create a daily homeschooling schedule. Kids are used to having their days completely planned out for them, and much like adults, can get easily frustrated when their daily routine is thrown off. Sit down as a family and discuss what they were learning in school before the shutdown and what time they had different subjects. Together you can build a schedule that works for everyone.

You can download a free Daily Homeschool Schedule developed and used by a Teacher & current Homeschooling Parent below OR use it as a template to create your own!


Homeschooling Daily Schedule


PRO TIP: When creating a school schedule, make sure to put harder subjects at the beginning of the day before kids get tired and their minds start to wonder.


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