Pi Day is celebrated every year on March 14th (3.14). Here are some fun ways you can celebrate Pi with your students!


With Actual Pie

Here is an activity that ensures minimal messes (we hope)


Pie for pi day



Make a Pi Bracelet 

Or a necklace, you can make it as long as you want. Just don’t try and go get to the last number of Pi 😉


pi day activities



Have a Pi(zza) Party

….with a lesson attached, of course.


Pizza Pi day



Do a Pi Lesson That Will Blow Their Minds

Measure the diameter and circumference of round objects like cans and plates, and then divide the circumference by the diameter. The answer will be 3.14 (Pi) every time.


Pi Lesson



Play a Card Game

Take a break from all things circular and math-related and try something new. Click below to learn the rules!



Pi Card Game



Read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

This one is a MUST every Pi Day


Pi Day Activities



Make a Pi Day Poster

Give each student a different section to decorate however they want and then put them together at the end on a black wall and discover the masterpiece.



Do a Pi Day Scavenger Hunt

Where students have a limited time to find round objects hidden in your room and take their measurements.


Pi Day activities



Build a Lego Pi-Line (or use paint and graph paper)

Really it’s a Pi Skyline, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity.


pi day activities



& More!


Pi day Activities


For more Pi Day inspiration and ideas on how to celebrate visit our “Pi Day Activities” board on Pinterest!

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