Random Acts of Kindness Week is the third full week of February, with February 17 designated as Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here are 10 ideas for teachers and students that are not only fun but help students learn to spread kindness:

Create a kindness wall or bulletin board where students, teachers, and staff can write various acts of kindness on sticky notes

Kindness Wall


Fill a kindness jar with various random acts of kindness and have students and staff take one to do

kindness week ideas for teachers


Put positive sticky notes on cubbies or lockers

Kindness week ideas


Start a bulletin board dedicated to acknowledging kindness students and staff have seen in the class and around the school

Kindness Week ideas


Create and share a kindness calendar with a different act of kindness for every day of the month

kindness calendar


Start staff meetings or the school day with an inspiring video such as this one featuring ALS patient Chris Rosati

kindness ideas


Have students play a kindness game

kindness week ideas


Start a class or school fundraiser for a charity

kindness week ideas


Remember to show appreciation to custodians and other support staff

kindness week ideas


Paint kindness rocks with kind messages and then to place them back on the ground for someone else to find.

kindness week ideas


Being kind is infectious; it will spread. Find all sorts of ideas for random acts of kindness you can incorporate into your classroom, school and your community at https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas or visit our “Kindness” board on Pinterest!

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