‘Twas two nights before Thanksgiving…..

The Turkeys are busy unthawing and the smell of pumpkin & pecan pie lingers in the air. To some, it’s a comforting feeling, to have everything all planned and in the process of creation for their Thanksgiving feast, but to others, the mere thought of cooking for Thanksgiving dinner may bring anxiety- we’re looking at you, procrastinators.

If you are like the majority of the working class, you have yet to prepare much for your big dinner. Or, worst-case scenario, maybe some of you haven’t even been to the grocery store yet to buy supplies! Have no fear, we have created a list of simple, easy, last-minute Thanksgiving dishes that you can bring and show off to your family (just don’t tell them how long it took you to cook 😉 ).

Here are 10 Easy Thanksgiving Dishes:


1. Crock-Pot Fried Apples


thanksgiving dishes


2. Easy ~Cheesy~ Scalloped Potatoes


thanksgiving dishes


3. Slow Cooker Sweet Baby Carrots

thanksgiving recipes


4. Personal Pumpkin Pies


thanksgiving dishes


5. Loaded Southern Green Beans


thanksgiving dishes


6. Cranberry BBQ Meatballs


thanksgiving dishes


7. 5-Minute Pumpkin Cheesecake


thanksgiving dishes


8. Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball


thanksgiving dishes


9. Winter Fruit Salad


thanksgiving dishes


10. Meat & Cheese Tray


Thanksgiving Dishes


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