Spring is almost here, so it’s time for some spring cleaning. We’re not just talking about your home, but also your finances. Before your mind goes into panic mode, we have a simple checklist to help simplify the process.

Let’s walk through this easy checklist to keep your finances in check this spring.

  1. Start by organizing your bills and making a list. Go over your bank statements, documents, receipts, and files for a fresh starting point.
  2. Work with Whole Numbers. Try rounding balances up to the nearest dollar. Not only, does the spare change add up, but it makes budgeting much easier. (And your spare change can be put towards savings.) It will also give a sense of control.
  3. Update Your Budget. Now that you have a list of your expenses, update your budget and make sure that it stays current. Can you be putting more towards savings? What other expenses can you cut back on?
  4. Check Your Credit Score. Don’t let this scare you. Seeing the hard numbers can help you figure out what is a top priority to focus paying off.
  5. Make a Big Payment. Now that you have seen your credit score, and budget, making a big payment can help make a leap towards paying off that credit card. And you’ll feel relieved you did it.
  6. Clean Out Your Wallet. Get rid of unnecessary receipts and paper clutter you may have. Organize your cash, bank cards, etc.
  7. Make it a Habit. Finally, start a routine for your finances. Shred documents after calculating in the budget. Practice putting cash into a savings account. Add $50 or more to each credit card payment, or what works within your budget.

These easy steps can help to ease your mind about budgeting. Spring cleaning your finances gives a peace of mind and a refresh to a scary task no one likes to face daily.


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