The weather is warming up and it’s time to ride. Whether you’re an “Easy Rider” or a café cruiser, don’t let a dead battery or clogged fuel line keep you from your adventures.

We know your life is hectic, so here’s a quick reminder of some things to inspect before you start your motorcycle’s engine:

  • Battery – check the terminals, clean dust and corrosion, tighten cables and give it a charge
  • Oil – start with fresh oil and filter
  • Fuel – drain old fuel and start with a fresh tank if you didn’t winterize your bike
  • Fluids – check that brake and hydraulic fluids are still good, replace any that looks dirty, and refill reservoirs
  • Brakes – look for cracks or leaks in lines, inspect the pads and test for any scraping or squealing noise
  • Inspect the drive belt tension and look for cracks or tears, or if you have a chain look for damaged links and worn or broken teeth
  • Tires – replace worn tires and check for pressure leaks

It’s also a good time to make sure your headlight, brake lights and turn signals are all working properly.  And if you bought a new bike or haven’t ridden all winter, safety experts recommend that you take a test ride to see how everything is working and have an opportunity to regain the feel of the road.

California Casualty can join you on the ride with quality motorcycle insurance at competitive rates. We cover most motorcycles, and if you ride something we don’t insure, we can find you motorcycle insurance through one of our partner providers.


TAKEAWAY: Make sure you have the protection you need before you hit the road. Call a California Casualty advisor today at 1.800.800.9410 or visit

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