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Honor and celebrate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other United States Presidents, this President’s Day.  Use our FREE educator-curated resources to assist you with teaching your students about President’s Day.



Presidents Day is an opportunity for the country to acknowledge the leaders of its government. See how it evolved from a birthday party for George Washington to an observance for all of the Presidents.


Learn what it takes to become president.


How did George Washington turn a rag-tag group of men into a disciplined fighting machine?


A strange story about George Washington’s wishes upon his death.


A humorous take on George Washington’s 101 rules of social behavior.  For upper grades.


Lincoln often utilized his sense of humor when making political statements, and also to silence his critics.


  • The Success of Abraham Lincoln History.com
    Today he is known as one of the greatest American presidents, but at the time of his election no one would have predicted Lincoln’s success.



Lesson Plans and Activities

Celebrate the national holiday with nonfiction reading, research projects, student activities, and more.


Teach your high school students about the constitutional legacy of George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan this Presidents’ Day. These free, ready-to-use lessons will engage your students in learning about these important presidents and how they shaped the history and Constitution of our nation. Each lesson was written and reviewed by scholars and contains questions to test student knowledge. Elementary, middle, and high school students can learn the constitutional powers and limitations of the executive branch with our selection of classroom-proven lessons from our We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution student texts.


In addition to free lesson plans, educational resources and classroom materials on the accomplishments of U.S. presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, you’ll find some unexpected gems to help your students learn about the instrumental work and lasting legacy of some former first ladies, too.


Learning resources, teaching resources, and quizzes.


History, facts, photos, and free worksheets about Presidents Day.


The Presidents Day seasonal pages will provide you with resources to help your students learn about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, as well as the office of President. Ideas within this section include: journal activities, lesson plans and internet resources.


Celebrating President’s Day can be so much fun with these 21 easy presidents day activities and crafts for kids. I’ve got free printables and templates for George Washington wigs, Abraham Lincoln’s hat, cabin crafts, President’s Day crafty food, and so much more!


What are your favorite President’s Day Lessons, Activities, or Videos?

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