Don’t have the hands-on materials you need to teach science?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many districts and schools lack the funding to furnish science textbooks, materials, and equipment.  There is a solution.  These websites can help you teach science interactively using games, videos, experiments, and other student-friendly activities for FREE.  They are an engaging supplement to your classroom instruction.  So, reserve that computer lab, sign up for those tablets, and get science-ing!


Science Kids – Enjoy free activities, experiments, games, facts, quizzes, projects, lessons, images, and videos. Students can learn about animals, biology, chemistry, physics, space, weather, and mcuh more.


SheppardSoftware –  Free activities and games for younger students.  Topics include life cycles, animals, the seasons, dinosaurs, elements, chemistry, cells, and many more.


PBSKids Science Games – For the youngest of our gradeschool students. PBSKids Science Games uses popular PBS characters, like Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, and the Cat in the Hat, to help teach young students about dinosaurs, nature, engineering, and animals.


Bozeman Science –  This collection of videos and other NGSS resources helps teachers and students better understand the Next Generation Science Standards.  Search by grade level, standard, or disciplinary core idea.


Coolmath-Games (Science) – Don’t let the website name deceive you.  This small collection of free kids science games cover topics like space, electricity, light, physics, and magnets. –  In addition to a library of videos on many subjects, has an assortment of science games intended for a middle school level audience.  Students, grades 6-8, can enjoy science games within the topics of animals, energy, earth, environment, invention, innovation, and space games.


Learning Games for Kids – At Learning Games for Kids, younger students can conduct science experiment games, sing science songs, amd play space and weather games.


NASA Space Place – Students of all ages will flip for these space-related games.  Topics include Earth, Sun, Solar System, Universe, and Science and Tech.


Mystery Science – Free teacher memberships through June 2018!  Mystery Science is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.  No prep lessons with visuals and activities for K-5th grade.


NOVA Labs – Experience the science occurring in the Evolution, Cybersecurity, RNA, Cloud, Energy, and Sun labs that provide meaningful, interactive tasks for students to complete.  Students can also watch video clips on each subject.  NOVA Labs is geared toward students in grades 6-12.


PhET Interactive Simulations – Free, meaningful lab experiences for physics, chemistry, biology, Earth science, and math.  PhET covers a wide range of topics and grade levels.


Mr. Nussbaum – Mr. Nussbaum’s Science includes a large collection of science interactives, explanations, generators, and activities for students.  The wide variety of topics is intended for students in elementary and middle school.


Turtle Diary – Turtle Diary’s science games are sure to spark the curiosity in students preschool through 5th grade.  Students can explore early science concepts covering a wide range of topics while reinforcing skills through engaging activities.





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