The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day is celebrated annually on March 2, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  Schools, libraries, and communities encourage students to read using children’s author Dr. Seuss as inspiration.

Each year, my elementary school building hosts a day-long celebration.  A schoolwide read-a-thon kicks off the day.  Throughout the day, students visit stations featuring a different Dr. Seuss book and accompanying activity.  Faculty and staff prepare and lead the activities while parent volunteers help guide students around to the different stations.  Many times, the day culminates with a viewing of a Dr. Seuss themed movie, like “Horton Hears a Who” or “The Cat in the Hat,” complete with popcorn and drinks.

Looking for lesson ideas and other Seuss resources for your March 2nd celebration?  My favorite go-to spot for everything Seuss is offers a variety of free lessons and activities.  Geared toward primary and upper elementary, the Read Across America Classroom Activity Guide contains 5 activities, each based on a beloved Dr. Seuss book.  The Battle of the Books allows teachers to create their own bracket-style competition or tournament.  You can even print Read Across America bookmarks.  Check out for many more lessons plans, printables, activities, and projects. has collection of Dr. Seuss author study articles, activities, lesson plans, and unit plans.  Find Dr. Seuss unit activities, lessons, and printables at A to Z Teacher Stuff.  Discover many lesson plans, craft ideas, printables, and teaching idea at Apples4theTeacher.  Explore reading and Seuss-themed resources at

It’s time to start planning your Read Across America celebration!  Your district, school, or class can take the Read Across Pledge here and share your plans for March 2nd.


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