June-Hero-of-the-Month---Wendy-R.Name: Wendy R.

Occupation: Law Enforcement

Years of Service: 19

State: CA

What made you want to be in Law Enforcement? “A Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputy came and spoke at my high school for a youth law class I took, and I decided that I wanted to be in law enforcement then. I realized I wanted to help people and be outside doing different things all day.”

What do you like most about your job? “I enjoy seeing little kids faces light up when they see me in uniform. I love knowing that I make a difference in people’s lives.”

On Saturday, June 4th in 2016, Santa Cruz County Deputies responded to a residential fire in Aptos, California. The home was fully engulfed, and the resident was trapped on the second floor of the house.

Deputy Ramm obtained a ladder from a neighbor’s home and rescued the resident by lifting her to the front door awning. She saved this woman’s life that day due to her quick thinking.


California Casualty

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