You have probably seen them; people around you who are super confident, loved by all and ready to rescue others when they need help with a task. They don’t wear a cape or mask, but they are revered by others.

How can you be like them?

It doesn’t take super powers like the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound or shoot laser beams from your hands or eyes to be a hero. Often times, all you need to do is conquer self-doubt and limitations; vanquishing the inner-villain thwarting the hero trapped inside of you.

Here are some easy steps to block self-doubt and other self-limiting obstacles:

  • Be Brave – identify your fears and shine a light on them. We all have inner villains within us, but as superhero you can overcome the fears, and see the powers you have always had.
  • Have Integrity – Stand up for what is right when no else does. The reward will be worth it.
  • Save a Life – Reach out to others in need and serve, teach and guide them. Don’t forget to also rescue yourself. Defeating anxiety and stress can allow us to fly to happiness.
  • Defeat Archrivals – Procrastination, laziness, self-defeat, and ignorance can all be villains to us. But we can to rise to the occasion and destroy them.
  • Offer Hope – Be the person who is strong enough to offer hope in the face of overwhelming doubt or defeat. Let your optimism and decency brighten the path for others.

Simply employing your strengths and intuition can free up your mind, allowing you to become a superhero.

Remember, most superheroes have questioned themselves and their mission. By overcoming their doubts they were able to rise up and be a beacon to others while rescuing themselves in the process. They become everyday heroes to those around them.

At California Casualty, we recognize those who make a difference for their communities. That’s why we created the Nominate a Hero program, We want to honor educators, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and health professionals who have gone above and beyond for others with a monthly $250 prize and the chance to be enshrined on the Hall of Heroes. Nominate your hero today!

California Casualty

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