christa s march 2016Christa is one of many that give the real definition of a hero. She has been a nurse for many years and works in pediatrics. Her unique story starts with social media. Christa turned a curse into a blessing, not only for herself but for a young lady too. After a falling through with the first attempt at donating , She was searching for a new kidney . Due to illness, the young lady was taken off the list.

Ironically, Christa was not just a perfect match, but in fact the only match in the country. Christa had recently survived a house fire and car wreck. She decided to become an altruistic donor in hopes that the donation chain would save more lives. Since Christa was a match, she chose to donate her kidney.

Beyond a remarkable story, Christa is a mother of two, and grandma (also known as “Ya Ya”) of a seven-year-old. Christa knows American Sign Language, learning Spanish, and teaching both to her granddaughter.



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