Thanksgiving is the time we should pause and be thankful for so many things. While most of think of our jobs, families and our health, we might forget about other things in our lives we might want to give “thankful” shout-outs for:

  • Netflix and Hulu for saving me from having to purchase a DVR and entertaining me on really boring weekends and nights
  • Phone navigation apps that have helped me find the right route and places when traveling to a new city, but also led me onto the wrong direction of a one-way street
  • Costco for all the industrial sized coffee (and dark chocolate pumpkin seed bark) to keep me amped up til next year
  • This year’s college and professional football that is testing how well my blood pressure medicine is really working
  • Gas prices under $2 a gallon (I filled up the other day for $24)
  • The presidential race for a lot of laughs and occasional groans
  • Lip balm
  • Twitter for reducing everything to 140 characters and helping my ADHD
  • For the companies and stores who won’t be open on Thanksgiving (and for the few who will be closed on Black Friday)
  • Jimmy Fallon’s Friday thank you notes
  • Drones for new perspectives on the world around us (and peeks into my neighbor’s yard)
  • The Internet (specifically Facebook) for finding a way to capture so much of my valuable time
  • Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone for making old guys like me seem cool and relevant

What are you thankful for this year? We’d like to see. Have a little fun and share your off-the-wall appreciation with us.

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