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You got the job, you have the room prepared and you think you are ready for that first day in the classroom. But as the day arrives you are more nervous than you thought. Here are some tips you can take into the classroom from those who have been there before you:

  • Look over your room one more time to make sure there is nothing to distract the students
  • Create good traffic patterns
  • Prepare for every silly question possible
  • Have a lesson plan but be ready to deviate when teachable moments present themselves
  • Have clear rules and expectations
  • Don’t worry if the students don’t like you; teaching is not a popularity contest
  • Build relationships with the other staff, administrators and the janitors (you will need their help)
  • Use a normal, natural voice
  • Stash a spare set of clothes for emergencies (ink gets spilled on you or someone becomes sick)
  • Realize you’ll arrive early and stay late

It’s important for new teachers to be prepared and build a strong support network; research shows that up to 40 to 50 percent of new instructors leave the profession within the first five years.

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