It’s been a bruising year for police officers in the United States. Imagine their gratitude if someone were to walk up, smile, and say “thank you officer for what you do.” Or, how about buying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate for one of the men and women in blue. These simple acts of kindness  not  only make the recipients feel good, but numerous studies have found that unselfish acts are good for the givers too. As we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 9-15), we thought we’d offer some easy ways to show gratitude to others; making the world just a little better!

  1. Rake a neighbor’s leaves or shovel snow from their sidewalks
  2. Donate blood or become an organ donor
  3. Smile at five new people each day
  4. Let another vehicle into your lane of traffic
  5. Give directions to someone who is lost or confused
  6. Let someone in line go ahead of you at the store
  7. Return a shopping cart
  8. Be a designated driver
  9. Thank a soldier, nurse or first responder for all they do
  10. Let a teacher know how much you appreciate him or her

Of course, this is just a small sample of hundreds acts of kindness anyone can do.  You can find plenty more at randomactofkindness.org.

Let us know the random acts you have done, or if have you been the recipient of one. Maybe we can share and make this year better for everyone.

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