Traci EMT

Traci Smith is as critical care paramedic both at Grinnell Regional Medical Center and with  East Poweshiek Ambulance Service where she is also the Director of Operations. Traci joined the ambulance service in 1997, and quickly went on to study to become an EMT, then to further become a paramedic.  She teaches CPR classes for businesses and groups who need training and to those who want further mentoring in becoming an EMT like herself.

Friends say Traci is always ready to give a helping hand, whether medical, or someone in just need of a hug. It was mid-November when Traci met Tim and Barb for the first time. Tim collapsed at work and headed to the hospital. This was one of many trips. Tim met Traci, and stayed in communication with the family even after more trips especially through the holidays. Traci kept in contact with Barb throughout the whole experience. Collogues say Traci is one of those people that knows everyone and everyone knows her.

California Casualty

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