Lillian Maldonado French, as an educator and superintendent of Mountain View School District, has worked hard to make sure each student is making academic progress. She has integrated ways to provide resources for students, families, and staff in order for students to have what it takes to obtain academic goals.

While the school is in a low economic area, with help from Lillian, students are now getting many opportunities that higher economic area students are exposed to in other cities. Lillian is helping students find connections to systems for success through gateways to culture, academic exposure, university connections, funding for post-secondary education, rigorous academics and appropriate interventions to avoid gaps in learning achievement.

She believes in strong expectations when it comes to education to make the best positive learning environment for everyone.  Lillian has helped increase parent involvement in the decision-making process of the schools. She listens to students, parents, and staff’s needs and concerns. Colleagues say Lillian has a true commitment to excellence for all students through not only her talk, but her walk by being involved in the community and focused on her students.

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