Ever wonder what life is like for our CEO outside of work?  Here we will give you the inside scoop on all of Beau Brown’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and habits.

*A Special Post Written by Thomas Brown, son of CEO Beau Brown


Photo: (Left) Thomas Brown and Beau Brown

  1. Beau is the 4th Generation Brown family CEO at California Casualty. He follows in the footsteps of Carl G. Brown Sr., Carl G. Brown Jr., and Thomas R. Brown.
  2. Beau has been with the company for almost 26 years, starting officially in 1988. He has been CEO of California Casualty for 7 years, starting in 2007.
  3. Beau’s first summer job, long before coming to California Casualty, was as a construction worker. He remembers that he used to pour concrete and once almost chopped off a finger while riding a forklift.
  4. Beau went to college at Dartmouth, where he played football.
  5. Beau enjoys fly-fishing. He goes to Wyoming every year to fish with his family.
  6. Beau’s favorite sports teams are the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, and San Francisco 49ers.
  7. Although football was his main sport throughout his childhood, Beau managed to coach his kids’ basketball teams until they each turned 10 when he realized that instructional books could only go so far and passed the job onto professional coaches.
  8. Beau’s favorite ice cream flavor is peppermint. Unfortunately this flavor is only available at Christmas, so during other times of the year he enjoys cookies and cream.
  9. Beau drives the spacious Buick Enclave which helps him drive his son and lots of his teammates to their basketball games.
  10. Beau enjoys taking long 2 hour walks around Stanford. According to his kids, he seems to never be without the giant straw hat that he takes along with him on his walks.
  11. Beau consistently goes to bed before 8:30 so he can wake up early to get to work. He believes that sleep is very important and is constantly trying to convert his family to the “getting to bed early” schedule.
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