Health and safety officials are warning about an unanticipated danger with electronic cigarettes – the danger of fire and burns for those using oxygen. The latest case comes from New York where a hospital patient suffered second and third degree burns to her face when the device she was using ignited the oxygen she was using.

The use of the “vaping” devices has exploded in recent years with several million people getting a nicotine fix from the battery powered e-cigarettes.

The hospital where the latest accident occurred has banned all tobacco use and products, but left e-cigarettes in a gray area; they have since been included, however.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is proposing rules and regulations on the currently unregulated product.

There have been several reports of e-cigarette related fires involving many of the name brands across the country. A grandmother recovering from hip surgery in a British hospital was reportedly badly burned while using an e-cigarette while on oxygen.

E-cigarettes utilize a battery powered element that heats up and vaporizes nicotine. Safety officials are now looking to see if that process can ignite oxygen. Other users have reported fires that erupted as they were charging the electronic cigarettes.

California Casualty

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