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Capt. John Boesman is a 21 year veteran with the Prince George County Police Department.  On March 18, 2013, in the early afternoon  Boesman came across a vehicle accident soon  after it had occurred. Boesman  observed that a mid size SUV was on it’s side. It’s driver trapped, but conscious and the rear of the SUV on fire. The accident reconstruction investigation revealed that  SUV driver, the sole occupant  had suffer a medical emergency. The driver lost control of the vehicle, striking a curb, which caused the SUV to flip onto its drivers side. The vehicle continued to slide approximately 25 yards down the  roadway, damaging the fuel tank.   Boesman using his issued service baton was able to break a small hole in the windshield. With the combination of baton strikes, kicking in the windshield and eventually tearing the hole in the windshield with bare hands and, assisted by a good samarian citizen, broke and tore a hole big enough in the front windshield to reach into the cab of the SUV.

While attempting to free the driver who was pinned in the driver’s seat, two back up officers assisted in the rescue attempt.  After several minutes of struggling to free with a now unresponsive driver, excessive heat, the vehicle nearly completely engulfed in flames and smoke  any further rescue attempt was futile. Boesman suffered second degree burns to his hands and the right side of his face and several lacerations to his hands. Boesman was transported to the hospital for his injuries, admitted and was released from the hospital the following afternoon. Boesman was unable to return to full duty for approximately 3 weeks. In January 2014 Lt. Boesman was promoted to Captain.

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